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dunaja,salanga,スナヘビ,모래뱀,沙包蛇 / 沙包蛇
Silicobra’s neck pouch, which can inflate and deflate like a balloon, gets more elastic each time Silicobra sheds its skin.
generation galar [7]
Type ground
height 7. 03"
weight 16.8 lbs
category Sand Snake
abilities Shed Skin
weaknesses water, grass, ice
monthracite,montecarbo,セキタンザン,석탄산,巨炭山 / 巨炭山
To intimidate its opponents, Coalossal will vigorously shake its body, scattering coal from its smoldering back.
generation galar [7]
Type rock fire
height 9. 02"
weight 684.5 lbs
category Coal
abilities Flame Body
weaknesses water , ground , fighting, rock
ursaking,ursaluna,ガチグマ,다투곰,月月熊 / 月月熊
I believe it was Hisui’s swampy terrain that gave Ursaluna its burly physique and newfound capacity to manipulate peat at will.
generation galar [7]
Type ground normal
height 7. 10"
weight 639.3 lbs
category Peat
weaknesses water, grass, ice, fighting
grillepattes,thermopod,ヤクデ,태우지네,燒火蚣 / 烧火蚣
It stores flammable gas in its body and uses it to generate heat. The yellow sections on its belly get particularly hot.
generation galar [7]
Type fire bug
height 2. 04"
weight 2.2 lbs
category Radiator
abilities Flash Fire
weaknesses water, flying, rock
duralugon,duraludon,ジュラルドン,두랄루돈,鋁鋼龍 / 铝钢龙
Its body resembles polished metal, and it’s both lightweight and strong. The only drawback is that it rusts easily.
generation galar [7]
Type steel dragon
height 5. 11"
weight 88.2 lbs
category Alloy
abilities Light Metal
weaknesses fighting, ground
pomdrapi,drapfel,アップリュー,애프룡,蘋裹龍 / 苹裹龙
It flutters around while seeking an opening in the opponent’s guard, then attacks by spitting acidic liquid strong enough to melt metal.
generation galar [7]
Type grass dragon
height 1. 00"
weight 2.2 lbs
category Apple Wing
abilities Gluttony
weaknesses flying, ice , dragon, poison, fairy, bug
morpeko,morpeko,モルペコ,모르페코,莫魯貝可 / 莫鲁贝可
As it eats the seeds stored up in its pocket-like pouches, this Pokémon is not just satisfying its constant hunger. It’s also generating electricity.
generation galar [7]
Type electric dark
height 1. 00"
weight 6.6 lbs
category Two-Sided
abilities Hunger Switch
weaknesses fairy, bug, fighting, ground
torgamord,kamalm,カジリガメ,갈가부기,暴噬龜 / 暴噬龟
Its massive, jagged teeth can crush a boulder in a single bite. This Pokémon has an extremely vicious disposition.
generation galar [7]
Type water rock
height 3. 03"
weight 254.6 lbs
category Bite
abilities Shell Armor
weaknesses grass , electric, fighting, ground
larvadar,sensect,サッチムシ,두루지벌레,索偵蟲 / 索侦虫
A constant collector of information, this Pokémon is very smart. Very strong is what it isn’t.
generation galar [7]
Type bug
height 1. 04"
weight 17.6 lbs
category Larva
abilities Compound Eyes
weaknesses fire, flying, rock
zacian,zacian,ザシアン,자시안,蒼響 / 苍响
Known as a legendary hero, this Pokémon absorbs metal particles, transforming them into a weapon it uses to battle.
generation galar [7]
Type fairy
height 9. 02"
weight 242.5 lbs
category Warrior
abilities Intrepid Sword
weaknesses steel, poison

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