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mordudor,gierspenst,コレクレー,모으령?,索財靈 / 索财灵
Much remains unknown about this creature. It resembles Cyclizar, but it is far more ruthless and powerful.
generation paldea [7]
Type ghost
height 11. 06"
weight 529.1 lbs
category Paradox
abilities Hadron Engine
weaknesses fairy, ground, ice, dragon
courrousinge,epitaff,コノヨザル,저승갓숭,棄世猴 / 弃世猴
generation paldea [7]
Type fighting ghost
virevorreur,horrerba,アノホラグサ?,공푸리,怖納噬草 / 怖纳噬草
This species left the ocean and began living on land a very long time ago. It seems to be closely related to Wailmer.
generation paldea [7]
Type grass ghost
height 3. 11"
weight 99.2 lbs
category Terra Whale
abilities Thick Fat
weaknesses fire, steel, fighting, rock
malvalame,azugladis,ソウブレイズ,파라블레이즈?,蒼炎刃鬼 / 蒼炎刃鬼
This calm Pokémon is very compassionate. It will share its delicious, nutrient-rich oil with weakened Pokémon.
generation paldea [7]
Type fire ghost
height 4. 07"
weight 106.3 lbs
category Olive
abilities Seed Sower
weaknesses ice, fire, flying, poison, fighting, bug
virovent,weherba,アノクサ?,그푸리,納噬草 / 纳噬草
The two little ones just appeared one day. The group might be a family of related Pokémon, but nobody knows for sure.
generation paldea [7]
Type grass ghost
height 1. 00"
weight 6.2 lbs
category Family
abilities Cheek Pouch
weaknesses fighting
flâmigator,skelokrok,ラウドボーン,라우드본,骨紋巨聲鱷 / 骨纹巨声鳄
The fiery bird changes shape when Skeledirge sings. Rumor has it that the bird was born when the fireball on Skeledirge’s head gained a soul.
generation paldea [7]
Type fire ghost
height 5. 03"
weight 719.8 lbs
category Singer
abilities Blaze
weaknesses water, ghost, ground, dark, rock
tomberro,friedwuff,ハカドッグ?,묘두기,墓揚揚 / 墓扬犬
It always scowls in an attempt to make opponents take it seriously, but even crying children will burst into laughter when they see Maschiff’s face.
generation paldea [7]
Type ghost
height 1. 08"
weight 35.3 lbs
category Rascal
abilities Run Away
weaknesses fairy, bug, fighting
toutombe,gruff,ボチ?,망망이?,墓仔狗 / 墓仔狗
The pleasant aroma that emanates from this Pokémon’s body helps wheat grow, so Dachsbun has been treasured by farming villages.
generation paldea [7]
Type ghost
height 1. 08"
weight 32.8 lbs
category Dog
abilities Well-Baked Body
weaknesses steel, poison
gromago,monetigo,サーフゴー,타부자고?,賽富豪 / 赛富豪
It swings its handmade hammer around to protect itself, but the hammer is often stolen by Pokémon that eat metal.
generation paldea [7]
Type steel ghost
height 1. 04"
weight 19.6 lbs
category Metalsmith
abilities Own Tempo
weaknesses fire, ground
théffroi,fatalitee,ヤバチャ,데인차,來悲茶 / 来悲茶
The soul of someone who died alone possessed some leftover tea. This Pokémon appears in hotels and houses.
generation galar [7]
Type ghost
height 0. 04"
weight 0.4 lbs
category Black Tea
abilities Weak Armor
weaknesses ghost, dark

The Ghost-type is one of the eighteen types in Pokémon. It was introduced in Generation I, along with the Dark type. Ghost-type Pokémon are known for their ability to pass through solid objects and their immunity to Normal-type attacks. They are also weak to Dark-type and Ghost-type attacks.

There are currently 86 Ghost-type Pokémon, including unique forms and Mega Evolutions. The Ghost-type is a versatile type that can be used in a variety of ways. It is a popular choice for competitive Pokémon battling, and it can also be used effectively in the Pokémon games.

If you are looking for a Pokémon that is mysterious and powerful, then a Ghost-type Pokémon is a good choice for you.

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