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lampéroie,zapplalek,シビビール,저리릴,麻麻鰻 / 麻麻鳗
They coil around foes and shock them with electricity-generating organs that seem simply to be circular patterns.
generation einall [5]
Type electric
height 3. 11"
weight 48.5 lbs
category EleFish
abilities Levitate
weaknesses ground
darumarond,flampion,ダルマッカ,달막화,火紅不倒翁 / 火红不倒翁
It derives its power from fire burning inside its body. If the fire dwindles, this Pokémon will immediately fall asleep.
generation einall [5]
Type fire
height 2. 00"
weight 82.7 lbs
category Zen Charm
abilities Hustle
weaknesses water, ground, rock
mushana,somnivora,ムシャーナ,몽얌나,夢夢蝕 / 梦梦蚀
When dark mists emanate from its body, don’t get too near. If you do, your nightmares will become reality.
generation einall [5]
Type psychic
height 3. 07"
weight 133.4 lbs
category Drowsing
abilities Synchronize
weaknesses ghost, dark, bug
shaofouine,wie-shu,コジョンド,비조도,師父鼬 / 师父鼬
When Mienshao comes across a truly challenging opponent, it will lighten itself by biting off the fur on its arms.
generation einall [5]
Type fighting
height 4. 07"
weight 78.3 lbs
category Martial Arts
abilities Inner Focus
weaknesses psychic, flying, fairy
chinchidou,picochilla,チラーミィ,치라미,泡沫栗鼠 / 泡沫栗鼠
The way it brushes away grime with its tail can be helpful when cleaning. But its focus on spotlessness can make cleaning more of a hassle.
generation einall [5]
Type normal
height 1. 04"
weight 12.8 lbs
category Chinchilla
abilities Cute Charm
weaknesses fighting
fermite,fermicula,アイアント,아이앤트,鐵蟻 / 铁蚁
They lay their eggs deep inside their nests. When attacked by Heatmor, they retaliate using their massive mandibles.
generation einall [5]
Type bug steel
height 1. 00"
weight 72.8 lbs
category Iron Ant
abilities Swarm
weaknesses fire
escargaume,schnuthelm,チョボマキ,쪼마리,小嘴蝸 / 小嘴蜗
When attacked, it tightly shuts the lid of its shell. This reaction fails to protect it from Karrablast, however, because they can still get into the shell.
generation einall [5]
Type bug
height 1. 04"
weight 17.0 lbs
category Snail
abilities Hydration
weaknesses fire, flying, rock
bargantua,barschuft,バスラオ,배쓰나이,野蠻鱸魚 / 野蛮鲈鱼
Its temperament is vicious and aggressive. This Pokémon is also full of vitality and can multiply rapidly before anyone notices.
generation einall [5]
Type water
height 3. 03"
weight 39.7 lbs
category Hostile
abilities Reckless
weaknesses grass, electric
emolga,emolga,エモンガ,에몽가,電飛鼠 / 电飞鼠
As Emolga flutters through the air, it crackles with electricity. This Pokémon is cute, but it can cause a lot of trouble.
generation einall [5]
Type electric flying
height 1. 04"
weight 11.0 lbs
category Sky Squirrel
abilities Static
weaknesses ice, rock
tutankafer,echnatoll,デスカーン,데스니칸,死神棺 / 死神棺
This Pokémon has a body of sparkling gold. People say it no longer remembers that it was once human.
generation einall [5]
Type ghost
height 5. 07"
weight 168.7 lbs
category Coffin
abilities Mummy
weaknesses ghost, dark

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