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cresselia,cresselia,クレセリア,크레세리아,克雷色利亞 / 克雷色利亚
Shiny particles are released from its wings like a veil. It is said to represent the crescent moon.
generation sinnoh [4]
Type psychic
height 4. 11"
weight 188.7 lbs
category Lunar
abilities Levitate
weaknesses ghost, dark, bug
magnézone,magnezone,ジバコイル,자포코일,自爆磁怪 / 自爆磁怪
As it zooms through the sky, this Pokémon seems to be receiving signals of unknown origin while transmitting signals of unknown purpose.
generation sinnoh [4]
Type electric steel
height 3. 11"
weight 396.8 lbs
category Magnet Area
abilities Sturdy
weaknesses fire, fighting, ground
luxray,luxtra,レントラー,렌트라,倫琴貓 / 伦琴猫
It can see clearly through walls to track down its prey and seek its lost young.
generation sinnoh [4]
Type electric
height 4. 07"
weight 92.6 lbs
category Gleam Eyes
abilities Intimidate
weaknesses ground
scorvol,skorgro,グライオン,글라이온,天蠍王 / 天蝎王
It observes prey while hanging inverted from branches. When the chance presents itself, it swoops!
generation sinnoh [4]
Type ground flying
height 6. 07"
weight 93.7 lbs
category Fang Scorpion
abilities Sand Veil
weaknesses water, ice
capidextre,ambidiffel,エテボース,겟핸보숭,雙尾怪手 / 双尾怪手
In their search for comfortable trees, they get into territorial disputes with groups of Passimian. They win about half the time.
generation sinnoh [4]
Type normal
height 3. 11"
weight 44.8 lbs
category Long Tail
abilities Pickup
weaknesses fighting
dialga,dialga,ディアルガ,디아루가,帝牙盧卡 / 帝牙卢卡
A Pokémon spoken of in legend. It is said that time began moving when Dialga was born.
generation sinnoh [4]
Type steel dragon
height 17. 09"
weight 1505.8 lbs
category Temporal
abilities Pressure
weaknesses fighting, ground
porygon-z,porygon-z,ポリゴンZ,폴리곤Z,多邊獸Z / 多边兽Z
Porygon-Z had a program installed to allow it to move between dimensions, but the program also caused instability in Porygon-Z’s behavior.
generation sinnoh [4]
Type normal
height 2. 11"
weight 75.0 lbs
category Virtual
abilities Adaptability
weaknesses fighting
motisma,rotom,ロトム,로토무,洛托姆 / 洛托姆
Its electricity-like body can enter some kinds of machines and take control in order to make mischief.
generation sinnoh [4]
Type electric ghost
height 1. 00"
weight 0.7 lbs
category Plasma
abilities Levitate
weaknesses ghost, dark, ground
spiritomb,kryppuk,ミカルゲ,화강돌,花岩怪 / 花岩怪
Its constant mischief and misdeeds resulted in it being bound to an Odd Keystone by a mysterious spell.
generation sinnoh [4]
Type ghost dark
height 3. 03"
weight 238.1 lbs
category Forbidden
abilities Pressure
weaknesses fairy
tritosor,gastrodon,トリトドン,트리토돈,海兔獸 / 海兔兽
Its whole body is sticky with mucus. In the past, this form of Gastrodon was by far the more numerous one.
generation sinnoh [4]
Type water ground
height 2. 11"
weight 65.9 lbs
category Sea Slug
abilities Sticky Hold
weaknesses grass

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