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koraidon,koraidon,コライドン,코라이돈,故勒頓 / 故勒顿
These Pokémon gather into groups and form colonies deep within forests. They absolutely hate it when strangers approach.
generation paldea [7]
Type fighting dragon
height 6. 03"
weight 127.9 lbs
category Woodear
abilities Mycelium Might
weaknesses fire, flying, bug, ice
fulgulairo,voltrean,タイカイデン?,찌리비크,大電海燕 / 大电海燕
When this Pokémon expands and contracts its wobbly body, the belly-button dynamo in its stomach produces a huge amount of electricity.
generation paldea [7]
Type electric flying
height 3. 11"
weight 249.1 lbs
category EleFrog
abilities Static
weaknesses ground
glaivodo,espinodon,セグレイブ,드닐레이브,戟脊龍 / 戟脊龙
This seems to be the Winged King mentioned in an old expedition journal. It was said to have split the land with its bare fists.
generation paldea [7]
Type dragon ice
height 8. 02"
weight 668.0 lbs
category Paradox
abilities Orichalcum Pulse
weaknesses psychic, flying, fairy , ice, dragon
sandy shocks
pelage-sablé,sandfell,スナノケガワ?,모래털가죽,沙鐵皮 / 沙铁皮
generation paldea [7]
Type electric ground
frigodo,frospino,セビエ,드니차,涼脊龍 / 凉脊龙
The grudge of a person punished for writing the king’s evil deeds upon wooden tablets has clad itself in dead leaves to become a Pokémon.
generation paldea [7]
Type dragon ice
height 4. 11"
weight 163.6 lbs
category Ruinous
abilities Tablets of Ruin
weaknesses fire, flying, fighting, ice, poison, fairy, bug
iron bundle
hotte-de-fer,iceenbündel,テツノツツミ?,무쇠보따리,鐵包袱 / 铁包袱
generation paldea [7]
Type ice water
pimito,chilingel,カプサイジ?,캡싸이,熱辣娃 / 热辣娃
This Pokémon blasts cryogenic air out from its mouth. This air can instantly freeze even liquid-hot lava.
generation paldea [7]
Type grass
height 6. 11"
weight 463.0 lbs
category Ice Dragon
abilities Thermal Exchange
weaknesses steel, fairy, rock, fighting, dragon
taupikeau,schligda,ウミディグダ,바다그다?,海地鼠 / 海地鼠
These Pokémon prefer to live in cities. They form flocks based on the color of their feathers, and they fight over territory.
generation paldea [7]
Type water
height 2. 00"
weight 5.3 lbs
category Parrot
abilities Intimidate
weaknesses electric, ice, rock
léboulérou,relluk,シガロコ?,구르데,蟲滾泥 / 虫滚泥
Apparently Cyclizar has been allowing people to ride on its back since ancient times. Depictions of this have been found in 10,000-year-old murals.
generation paldea [7]
Type bug
height 5. 03"
weight 138.9 lbs
category Mount
abilities Shed Skin
weaknesses fairy, ice, fighting, dragon
germéclat,lumispross,キラーメ?,초롱순,晶光芽 / 晶光芽
The color of the poisonous saliva depends on what the Pokémon eats. Grafaiai covers its fingers in its saliva and draws patterns on trees in forests.
generation paldea [7]
Type rock poison
height 2. 04"
weight 60.0 lbs
category Toxic Monkey
abilities Unburden
weaknesses psychic, ground

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